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Tips for using your new Boose.

How to get the most out of your Boose Pro.


General usage warnings.

  • Don't submerge motor unit in water.
  • Don't use the blender in the microwave.
  • Don't place in dish washer.
  • Don't use with boiling liquids.

Start your blends with liquid first.

Starting your blends with a small amount of liquid allows for an easier and smoother blend.


Blending thick ingredients

          Thicker mixtures can be blended too. Just flip the Boose upside down, turn on the blades and blend!


Keep the ingredients small

Using smaller chunks in the Boose will make it easier to blend.


Safety Sensor

After blending for a period of time your Boose may turn off by itself. Don't worry, nothing is wrong, this is a safety feature installed to ensure you don't accidentally leave your Boose blending unattended. The blades will stop spinning shortly after it feels a large reduction in resistance in the liquid. However if you are trying to reach a certain consistency just simply turn it back on again!


Blending Ice & Frozen Fruits

Tip your ice to the front of the blender to get the blades spinning then blend as usual!

When blending frozen fruits, allow them to thaw in the liquid for 1-2 minutes to ensure they soften a bit.



Don't pack too tight with ingredients

If you plan on blending a lot of ingredients, blend in batches. Trying to pack too much in at once will cause jams or bad blending consistency.

Instead, blend a smaller amount and then add more.



Warm water + detergent = an easy clean



If an ingredient jams the blades, give it a shake and turn it upside down. Then turn on the blades and flip it back over again.


Flashing Lights

This means the safety magnets are not aligned to the base. This is a safety mechanism to ensure the blades don't spin when the cup isn't secure.

Make sure you align the arrow on the sticker with the button.


Red light

A red light means that you Boose needs charging. Plug it in and charge it until the light turns blue.